Cracked Egg Aviary LLC
Little people with feathers
Lovebirds and Parrotlets
Hand Made Bird Toys, no dyes!!
High End, Our Own Designs!
Welcome to our site..we have very sociable lovebirds  and
parrotlets!!! We are a Florida licensed hobby breeder of sweet
hand tame, hand fed cuddly babies.
Member ALBS.
We'll also have our new line of "Dye Free" all natural wood and
acrylic handmade and designed (by us) bird safe toys. For now,
they can be purchased at the exotic bird fairs listed below.
Our toys can now be purchased at
Birds Off Broadway in West Palm Beach, FL
Check out only handmade, vintage and supplies
for handmade items are sold. We have a shop on Etsy now, here
is the address:
Scooter, the Parrotlet
Just a quickie nap in my
snuggle pouch..ahhhhhh
Research Guides:
Lovebird Info
Come see us at the local Exotic Bird Fairs. We will occasionally have babies and always
have our line of bird toys made from clean, dye free wood, colorful acrylics, marbella
beads and shreddables. Bird safe, designs bird tested on our own birds. All sizes,
excellent quality at a great price. Discounts for orders over $100

ebruary 19th, 2012 West Palm Beach Exotic Bird Fair
March 18th, 2012 Treasure Coast Exotic Bird Fair, Stuart, FL
April 22nd 2012 Orlando Exotic Bird Expo
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